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Breast Cancer Screening:
Violations of Informed Consent

        Testimony at the 2011 FDA National Mammogram Quality Assurance Advisory Board Meeting 
“When I give a woman with dense breasts a normal mammogram report, I am only 50 percent certain that there's no cancer in her breast. This is ineffective screening by any definition. And by not routinely informing women with dense breasts that their mammogram is limited and that they have a choice to pursue second-level screening with breast ultrasound, MRI, or another test, we are poorly serving many of our patients. Women who are diligent and come to me yearly for their mammograms expect to be effectively screened for cancer. They trust me to do that for them. We do not provide effective screening if breast density is ignored. The FDA does not accept blurred films or images with dust or small artifacts on them. Why do we accept the huge limitations of breast density?”        - Dr. Stacey Vitiello

President's Corner

Why Does the American College of Radiology Continue to Prevent Women From Making Informed Decisions About Their Own Medical Care?  Read More

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INHQE Founding Member Hallie Leighton has been profiled on
CBS Eye on New York, New York Now on PBS (at 16:34) and CNN.

The Wallenberg Files:
FDA Challenged

A Letter of Introduction From the Executive Director

Every year thousands of women with breast cancer die needlessly. I want to take this opportunity to explain how this happens and what the Institute intends to do about it.  Read More

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